You can hire QISIKA virtual assistant work for you 8 hours a day, 5 days a week just like your full time employee for just $1299 per month, or just a couple hours per week for just $12 per hour. You don’t have to pay employee insurance, 401k contributions, workers’ comp and paid vacations. There’s also no need for extra office space or equipment.


We are NOT freelancers, part-time students or work-at-home moms. The reliability and quality of service from them are just unpredictable. Even some of them are actually pretty good, but it is not easy to find them and keep long term business relationship with them.

QISIKA takes the concept of virtual assistant and remote workforce to next level by transforming this work-at-home practice to more serious business. All QISIKA employees work full-time at our central service center. We’re not “fly by night” – we’re not going anywhere. We will be there to support your business once you need us.


At QISIKA, all services are provided on a Month-to-Month or Project basis. There is no long term contract. Our services are on-demand and you can add, modify or cancel at any time. You maintain flexibility to meet the evolving demands of your business by retaining access to a one-stop business support solution without any of the overhead, financial or emotional.


We are fortunate to have opportunity to work with thousands of clients worldwide. We hope to build long-term, win-win relationship with our clients and grew together with them. Please check our clients’ success stories and testimonials.

Quality control

We are not middlemen like Elance, Odesk, Guru and It is difficult for those middlemen to control the quality of service because the service providers are not their employee. QISIKA will never take on your project but then send the actual work to someone else. All QISIKA employees work full-time at our central office. We have strict internal procedure to control the quality of our work.

One-stop solution

You don’t need to screen, interview and deal with different service providers anymore. QISIKA is your one-stop business solution. Check out what we can do for our clients.