If you are looking for a professional graphic design service company, you’ve come to the right place. We can provide you the unique designs that you require. Our graphic design service offers you a good platform to show your business originah3ty to the world whatever your industry is.

QISIKA is your single source for an integrated design strategy. Our superior graphic design service will help you impress the whole world.

QISIKA Design & Multimedia Services include:

Promotional Product Design & Manufacturing

Flash Design

Logo, Business Card, Brochure, Greeting Card, Magazine Layout

3D Animation

Graphic Design Service

What can we offer?

QISIKA graphic design team is specialized in graphic design, promotional product design and manufacturing as well as business card design, magazine layout, etc.

Why choose us?

QISIKA has years of graphic design service experience. We have been creating compelling design for thousands of clients from different countries.

Ready to Get Started?

QISIKA will provide high quality and top-notch service to meet your needs with a reasonable price. Please sign up for free graphic design consultation.

How do you charge for graphic design?

Our graphic design prices generally range from $100 to $400, depending on the type of graphic design service you want for your organization. Graphic design can be as simple as text placed in a creative way or have more attractive elements. Feel free to check our pricing form.

How many changes can I ask your designers to make to the graphic design?

You are entitled to ask our designers to make changes in the valid service hours you purchased. If you want us to make further modifications to your design project, but you have ran out of service hours or your remaining service hours have expired), an additional billing of $15 per hour will be charged with the your approval or you can choose to upgrade to higher packages.

What is the process for designing a logo?

Upon receipt of payment, we will create some logo design samples according to your requirements within the time frame. These logo samples may be sent either via e-mail or Project Management System (Once you purchase our service, QISIKA will create an account for you). You will be able to check updates and make comments there.

Can you take on emergent graphic design projects?

QISIKA may take care of emergent jobs, but the service fee you will be charged will see an increase of 50%-100% of our standard fee, based on the time frame and complexity of the project.

What kind of design services can you provide?

Please check out our portfolios to see what we have done. If what you want isn’t included in our portfolios, please contact us and we’ll provide you with special accommodations in order to serve you better.

Why choose QISIKA graphic design team?

We are highly passionate about graphic design. We have serviced clients from Fortune 100 companies to small local businesses in many different industries. Our goal is to make your business appear more professional and appealing than your competitors. You are also welcome to explore our website and review our service.