With the help of our high-level conscientiousness and advanced technological tools, QISIKA virtual assistants are able to deliver accurate data entry at a highly compelling expense compared with othercompanies you tried before.

Tasks we can handle:

By appropriately using data entry assistive technologies, we deliver highly accurate results at a very reasonable price. Basically, our service covers almost all types of data entry tasks, below are some example of what we accept:

Data Entry or Data Processing
Forms based data capture
Manual data entry
Full-text data capture
Database conversion services
Image Scaning/Indexing and OCR
Web Mining/Web Data Extraction
Data Capture and Digital Imaging

If you have specific data entry tasks, you may need to leave a message via LiveChat and we will reply with our feedback as soon as possible.

Provide your data and let us take care of it for you now.


We simply make sure that the results we deliver are worth every penny you put on it. Our affordable is all about how to increase your cost performance as well as liberating your hands from tough work.


In addition to highly-professional manual work, QISIKA owns advanced computing tools, this combination will make sure the results we deliver are of over 99% accurate.


Before starting any tasks, we will always consider your time estimation, the set time schedule will be strictly followed and the tasks will be finished on time, guaranteed.

Not only just cost-effective compared to hire in-house employee, QISIKA helps its global clients run their business professionally and efficiently with minimum overhead and liabilities. Outsourcing is no longer privilege for big multinational companies. QISIKA provides small business and even individuals an easy and affordable way to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing just like fortune 500 companies.