China is one of the world’s great growth markets and is likely to be for many years to come. China offers great business opportunities due to its rapid economic growth and huge market, foreign companies often face difficulties in assessing Chinese market demand and enacting effective strategies because of the language barriers, culture differences, and high expense.

QISIKA has experts with rich experience in planning and managing complex deals.We are experienced in a range of different industry backgrounds and functional disciplines. QISIKA experts can provide real China insight for doing successful business in China and superior, ROI-driven results for our clients’ China business development campaigns. QISIKA supports its clients not only in understanding how to do business in China and developing the right China market entry strategy, but also through implementing the strategy in a pragmatic way.

China Business Development

QISIKA China Business Development Services

China Marketing Services

China Market Research, China Market Entry Solutions, Internet Marketing & SEO, Telemarketing, Directmail marketing.

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China Sourcing Services

We will act as your China sourcing department to do the sourcing work for you.

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China Virtual Office

We will be able to assemble your consulting, sales, marketing and sourcing office in China virtually.

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Chinese Web Design

A well designed Chinese website will be of great value for your business development in China.

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Chinese Translation Services

We can provide you with high quality Chinese translation service to localize your business.

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China Company Registration

Help you achieve the objectives of investment by registering a company in China mainland.

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