1. Sign Up

To get started, the first step is signup. The process is easy and only takes less than one minute. Click on “Sign Up” to get started.

2. Choose Your Service Plan

At QISIKA Member Area, Please click “Pay” button to choose your service plan. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. We also accept Paypal and wire transfer.

3. Project Management System

QISIKA provides our clients online project management and collaboration system here at http://pm.qisika.com/. After you choose your service plan and paid online, QISIKA billing team will send you a payment confirmation and also set up an account for you on the project management system.

Our project management system will make your work and cooperation with QISIKA team much easier and productive. It’s a nice, cozy and pleasant place where you can develop your ideas into projects, divide them into a smaller steps and tasks and get the final results of your projects.

4. Manage Tasks

QISIKA online project management system is all about projects and getting them done. You can create as many tasks as you want and get your QISIKA team members assigned to work on them.

Your tasks are organized around important project milestones, where each milestone can have its own set of tickets, discussions and files. When your assistant finishes work on one task, they move to the next one until the all tasks are done.

5. Track Time

You can track how much time QISIKA team is spending on each task on the project management system. This data can be used for billing, see how the time is spent and learn more about the tasks your QISIKA assistant is working on.

Use time reports to quickly get the data you get billed. Result of these reports can be exported and further manipulated in specialized software.

6. Share Files

To work on a project usually means to work with a lot of files. Our project management system gives people the tools to share, organize and comment them.

Files are organized into categories and sorted by the time they are uploaded. System is able to track different versions of a file so you can see how it evolved.

When you upload an image, the system will generate a thumbnail for quick preview.

7. How to Communicate

Good communication leads to good work, all QISIKA employees have very good communication skills; you can always reach with your assistant via Email, MSN, Skype, direct phone call or Cisco WebEx, during our business hours.

8. Review our work

Your feedback is very important to us and will help us to better serve our client in the future! The review system is integrated at our member area and you can find it in the member area when you login.

Please let us know your option about your assistant’s performance. If you are not happy, we can exchange another assistant for you within 2 business days.